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Meet your 

From Vee

She’s the president, founder, and trainer of

PrettyBeastMode. Learn more about Vee’s background, philosophy, personalized training, nutritional guidance, and more.

Clients on Vee

Hear from the clients themselves about their relationship with Vee, her training routines, and more.

Vee’s Transformation

Vee has shared some of the same roadblocks as many of her clients. She was tired of the direction her life was going and didn’t feel comfortable in her own skin. Vee was in the process of going through a divorce, raising twins, and juggling her work/home balance. Finally, she realized she needed to put herself first. By committing to fitness and better nutrition, she turned her struggles into strengths.

Pro Bodybuilding

Vee’s transformation led her to become a Women’s Physique Pro Bodybuilder. Having over 6 years of competing she can pass along her knowledge and experience to her clients, even those looking to compete.


  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer (17+ years)

  • Wellness Coach

  • Sports Nutritionist/ Certified Nutrition Coach

  • Behavioral Change Specialist

  • Habit Coach

  • Vegan Health and Nutrition Coach

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